What trades do we deal with?

We can help any businesses and commercial enterprises who require a competitive quote in a timely fashion, but who appreciate the value of speaking to someone to ensure that the correct boxes have been ticked and that the cover is correct.

  • The Service Industry

The vision of services to businesses as well as final consumers. Such services include accounting, tradesmen (mechanics, plumbers, builders and the like), computer services, restaurants, tourism and can all be accommodated by us. We can arrange all liability covers, including Public Liability, Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity. In addition we can provide Material Damage cover (contents, stock, portable items), Legal Expenses and Business Interruption cover. By having a conversation about your specific business, we will be able to recommend the cover and the insurance to fit. We can provide standalone policies for Cyber & Data, and Travel, or accommodate them within an overall package for you.


  • Contractors

We can discuss with you your liability as a contractor, whether it be a building contractor, an agricultural contractor, or any other form of contracting that you are undertaking. After spending time speaking to you to understand your exact circumstances we will then be able to offer a policy that is right for you. In addition, Contractors All Risks Insurance, or Contract Works insurance is a policy that is simple to arrange if you ask the right questions! Our team have experience of JCT Contracts, and can advise you on the correct cover that you will require. We can ensure that any plant you hire in, whether it be a ¾ tonne mini-digger or a 55 tonne all–terrain crane, is covered correctly. Cover can be provided for your materials on site, plus any tools. In short, we will provide the correct insurance for your specific needs.

  • Manufacturing & Wholesale

Whether you are manufacturing your own goods in the UK, or arranging manufacturing in China for example, Best Insurance Brokers will ensure that you understand where your liabilities start and stop, to ensure you have the correct cover, including products liability. The team can provide engineering inspection and insurance to ensure your equipment meets current legal requirements; we can arrange risk assessments and will work with you to ensure you are minimising risk where possible. Best Insurance Brokers can provide insurance for your machinery and plant, for your stock and work in progress, and any tools. We will understand the roles of your employees to ensure that your Employers Liability cover is robust and rated correctly. Discussions can take place with you regarding Directors & Officers Insurance and how this might be a useful cover to consider as well as such covers as Key Man cover and Permanent Health insurance.

  • Distribution

Our staff have experience and expertise in Marine Cargo, and can discuss the options with you to ensure that the cover is correct, and that the stock is protected at all steps of its journey to you from the supplier, and from you to the client. We will discuss with you all areas of Liability, including public and products liability. We can provide cover for fleet insurance and Goods in Transit cover as part of a Commercial Combined policy, or as a standalone policy if required.

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