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Is your property for residential use? Do all of your tenants have short-term tenancy agreements? Do you rent to benefit claimants?  Is your property ever unoccupied? Are you a landlord with several HMO properties? For residential landlords there are a great number of questions that could be asked. We have worked with residential landlords for a great number of years and have access to insurers who can accommodate HMO properties, or unoccupied properties, or properties occupied by Housing benefit claimants. For Commercial landlords the questions can be equally onerous. We will provide insurance that is suitable and correct, that takes into account the business type occupying your property. For all Property Owners, we will be able to discuss with you legal expenses cover including repossessions, Loss of rent cover, Terrorism cover, and explain why you may want Day One Reinstatement cover. In short, we will ask the right questions that ensure that your cover is correct, whatever your situation.

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